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Save time and money with the #1 shipping shared economy platform of global eCommerce sellers. Get rates, track, management, insurance and ship your orders with SHIPGATE.

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Sync Orders

Real-time synchronization of
order from the sales channel

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rate based on region and service

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Purchase a real-time shipping
label with a click

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Communicate with customers
through real-time shipment

Reduce more shipping and working hours

Now focus on your sales business.

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Simple start

Easily integrate your platforms or APIs. This allows you to grow your business without spending time on manual tasks.

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Best shipping rate recommendation

We recommend the best delivery service from UPS, DHL, FedEx couriers and partner carriers considering term cost.

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Powerful customer satisfaction

Easy branding, tracking, and shipping insurance improve customer satisfaction.

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We are growing your eCommerce business in south korea.

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