Simple plans designed for You

we have prices to suit businesses of all sizes.

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Pay as you go

If your shipment volume is not fixed, start now.

No monthly fee

15¢ per Shipment + Postage

Discounted Priority Rates

Discounted Standard Rates

Email Support

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If your business is growing, consider a more solid Professional Plan.

Branded Customer Experience

5 User Accounts

High Discounted Priority Rates

Discounted Standard Rates

Email & Live Chat Support

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For larger businesses who need competitive pricing, fulfillment service and additional support

Branded Customer Experience

10 User Accounts

High Discounted Priority Rates

Discounted Standard Rates

Unlimited shipping at no extra Label Fee

Contact us for additional benefits

Core Features Pay as you go Professional Business
Web App O O O
Rate at a Glance v v v
Platform Integrations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users 1 5 10
Shipping Reports O O O
Branded Packing Slips x O O
Branded Email Notifications x O O
Banded Tracking Pages x O O
Customer Support Email Email & Live Chat Dedicated Customer Service

SHIPGATE services provide API
solutions for your online business

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Tracking will be included in free all labels purchased through SHIPGATE. The track now through the global network.

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Compensate for theft, loss, or damage that may occur during shipment. Get rewarded within just 5 days!

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

  • Which plan is right for me?
    The Pay as you go plan is perfect for small eCommerce sellers. However, if your order increases we recommend a Professional Plan.
    For a Professional Plan, you can improve customer satisfaction through the branded customer experience.
  • Can we change our service plan?
    Yes, absolutely! You can switch between different plans at any time according to your requirements.
    If you upgrade your account, you’ll be billed the pre-rated amount for the rest of the month.
    If you downgrade your account, it will become effective at the end of your billing cycle, so you’ll be able to access features of the higher plan until then.
    To cancel or change your account, visit the Accounts page of your web app or contact customer support.
  • How is postage charged?
    Shipping costs vary by shipping service and shipping country. If you manually enter the box dimensions, the rates will just be standard rates on weight or size.
  • What happens if i exceed my shipment limit on the monthly value plan?
    If you were to additional shipping labels in excess, you will not be blocked from purchasing or any of the special features provided by your Professional Plan. You will simply continue to pay for the postage charges for those shipping labels. Then, at the end of the Plan Period (you can see this on your Plan Page in SHIPGATE), you will automatically be moved up to the next Plan level to accommodate the increased monthly shipping volume.
  • Any other fees?
    No, there are no additional fees.
    If you’re a Pay as you go customer, you'll pay the fee per label plus the cost of postage and insurance.
    If you’re a Professional Plan customer, you’ll pay the subscription cost plus the cost of postage and insurance.